Imposter Pin – Rainbow – Seconds
Imposter Pin – Rainbow – Seconds

Imposter Pin – Rainbow – Seconds

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You're not likely to spot the Imposter among a crowd of hungry wolves.  A sneaky master of infiltration, keeping this familiar with you is likely to help you branch out into unfamiliar territory and embrace/defeat the dreaded "Imposter Syndrome". 

This Imposter pin is a soft enamel pin with


✧ metal, standing at approximately 1.3" tall.  The rainbow metal production process results in a beautiful variety of pins, each showing different colors– some pins are more purple-pink, while some are more blue or green!

These pins have been set aside as seconds due to small bumps or scratches in the rainbow metal.  For the most part, they are not very noticeable!


*you may request a particular dominant color (between Purple, Pink, Blue, or Green), but please understand that stock limitations and natural variations occur in this product and I cannot guarantee you will get your desired color.  Please DO NOT purchase this product if you would only be happy with one particular colorway.   
This pin is not part of the current World Wildlife Fund charity sale.