Starfaun – Gold – Seconds CHARITY SALE

Starfaun – Gold – Seconds CHARITY SALE

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The StarFaun hard enamel pin stands at about 1.15" tall, and is plated in gold.  This creature-of-the-night feels quite at home among the forest and stars... or on your jacket, of course!

Most of these StarFaun pins were classed as 'seconds' due to excessive recessed metal in the corners of the outline (such as between the legs).  Some may also have light dimples in the enamel.  


From the 11th to the 13th, 100% of profits made from select seconds pins will go towards WWF, in collaboration with 13 other pin shops.  Please see the instagram post on @Faunwood for more details and a list of participating shops! 

*Charity seconds may or may not include a backing card